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Pinot Noir


Certified Organic wine which complies with the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production) guidelines. After receiving the grapes at the winery, they are put in a vat for a brief skin soak in order to extract maximum varietal characteristics. The skins are then pressed and the must is fermented in vat at low temperatures.

Recommended Serving Temperature: 10ºC

Food and Wine pairing

Rice mountain, Mixed rice, Cooked soups and stews and other, Cured meats, Ham, Boiled ham, Seafood sauce, Pasta with meat sauce, Pasta with tomato sauce, Pasta with creamy sauces, Pasta with marinara sauce, Bluefish, Fish wit...


Ruby coloured with hints of pink.


An intense aroma of strawberry which gives it character. There is also clearly blackcurrant and red liquorice also stands out.


It is pleasant in the mouth, because of its intense fruity style that contributes to its power and personality. It also is smooth in the mouth, with a good balance between its body and its acidity. It has a big and lingering aftertaste.


Tech. specs
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Density = 0.9915
Alcohol Content = 12.50% vol.
Total Acidity = 5.6 g/l
Volatile Acidity = 0.35 g/l
Free Sulphur Dioxide = 20 mg/l
Total Sulphur Dioxide = 80 mg/l
Reducing Sugars = 2.8 g/l


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