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We have inherited the tradition of using wine in our cooking from the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In the Penedés, a Catalan region of great winemaking traditions, for generations the Marrugat family has passed on their knowledge about the maceration of aromatic herbs with old wines for use with traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The matriarch of the family, Antonia Marrugat, who had found that she needed a special wine for use in her recipes to add a tastier flavour to her cooking, decided to make one to sell. This is how Gran Chef came about.

After more than 50 years, Gran Chef is the emblematic cooking wine of Bodegas Pinord. It is an old aged wine, mixed with eleven carefully selected herbs which have been mixed and macerated over time.

By cooking with Gran Chef, you are releasing new aromas into your stews. It adds taste to foods which favour slow cooking processes, making them easy to digest later on.

It also enables chefs to reduce the amount of fat used without compromising on gastronomic quality. It adds beneficial substances which help to prevent cardiovascular disease thanks to the tannins and phenolic elements which act as antioxidants.

Since it was first launched, it has become one of the most highly regarded wines by consumers. It is one of the pioneers of its era and what’s more, is receiving more followers by the day. Its ever increasing group of satisfied customers know that this wine is good for all kinds of dishes, for fish dishes boiled or done in the oven, for stews, for sauces or for macerating etc…

Gran Chef cooking wine is used by prestigious Spanish and internationally renowned restaurants and is packaged with a recipe book and instructions for making particular dishes.



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