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This is a different wine, which expresses the aromatic richness of Chardonnay. The wine is then aged in oak to round it off, whilst maintaining its youth, emphasising its fruit and giving it a complex and elegant touch in the mouth. The grapes are sourced from our Muntanyans estate vineyard, parcel 10 to be more precise, where we work organically and biodynamically, taking care of the environment. We pick by hand, so that as many grapes as possible reach our winery as whole berries. The grapes are gently pressed and we use the free-run juice to make the wine. The fermentation process is carried out in barrel and the wine remains there for the time we consider necessary. During this time, we carry out several battonages in order to mature the wine on the lees left over from the fermentation process, striving for more complexity and creaminess. After various tastings, we prepare the wine for bottling. As this is a high quality wine, we control and minimise as much as possible the fining and filtering processes. We wish to keep this wine’s unique identity. Once bottled, we let it rest and age in bottle for a minimum of 6 months until it reaches the customer at the height of its expressivity.

Food and Wine pairing

Rice fish, Fish with sauce, Chicken in sauce, Processed cheese


Yellow in colour with greenish flecks.


In the nose, sweet fruit, such as peach and apricot come to the fore, as well as white fleshed fruit such as pineapple and a final dash of vanilla due to ageing the wine in barrel.


In the mouth, the wine starts off smooth and mouth-filling with a sense of very pleasant ripe fruit with citric notes. The acidity and body of the wine are well balanced, refreshing and very elegant. The wine lingers in the mouth, showing a very good combination between the oak from the barrel and the wine’s fruitiness.


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