D.O. Penedès

Diorama collection

The Diorama Collection is made up of six mono-varietal wines from organic vineyards, whose characteristic aromas are easy to perceive and differentiate. The collection consists of three luxury gift boxes with two different wines in each: Red Syrah and Red Merlot; White Grenache and Red Grenache and the last one is White Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir Rosé. Each box also contains four aroma vials which represent characteristic aromas of the two wines to be found in each box as well as a tasting guide to help consumers familiarise themselves with and distinguish the different grape varieties. At the end of the guide, there is an Aroma Game aimed at helping the consumer identify, by using the little chart included here, every type of grape with its final wine, as well as its aromas, so that they can taste and enjoy them.  

Aromas Game

For those who are becoming initiated into wine-tasting and for those who are already experts, the Diorama Collection offers consumers a game to test their perception of aromas. It is really a blind tasting, by using sense of smell only, to recognise the aromas which each numbered vial contains. If it is too difficult, there are clues so that the consumer can discover the complexity of aromas of the different wines of the collection.


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