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A person surfing on, having access to, and making use of the website provided by BODEGAS PINORD SA acquires the status of User, in terms of which he accepts, when surfing through the pages of BODEGAS PINORD SA, all the conditions of use established below without prejudice to the application of the corresponding obligatory legal requirements, if appropriate.

The web pages of BODEGAS PINORD SA provide a wide variety of information, services and details. The User accepts the responsibilities involved by the correct use of the website. These responsibilities shall include the following obligations:

To ensure the truthfulness and legality of the information provided by the User in the forms inserted by BODEGAS PINORD SA as a condition of access to certain material or services offered on the website.

The use of the information, services and data offered by BODEGAS PINORD SA in contravention of the provisions of these conditions, of the requirements of the Law, of acceptable moral standards, of the norms of good behaviour and of the maintenance of public order, or in any other way which could cause an infringement of the rights of third parties or harm the operation of the website itself.


BODEGAS PINORD SA shall not be held responsible for the content of any web pages to which the User may gain access through the links established on its website, and declares that under no circumstances shall it examine or exercise any kind of control over the contents of other websites.

In the same way, it cannot guarantee the technical availability of any website pages of which it is not the owner and to which access may be gained through the links.

BODEGAS PINORD SA declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any harm that may be caused to the users of its website by people surfing on its website pages.

BODEGAS PINORD SA shall therefore under no circumstances accept any responsibility for any possible harm that the User may undergo through surfing on the Internet.


BODEGAS PINORD SA reserves the right to carry out, without prior notice, any modifications to the content of its website that it may find appropriate, whether it be in relation to the content of the website, to its conditions of use, or to its general conditions for the establishment of contracts. The said modifications may be carried out through its website in any legally acceptable way and shall be of an obligatory nature for as long as they shall be published on the website and until they are duly modified by any subsequent changes.


BODEGAS PINORD SA reserves the right to use cookies when the User is surfing on its website so as to aid the personalization and convenience of surfing. In accordance with the company’s policy of protection of data, BODEGAS PINORD SA informs users that the cookies are associated with anonymous users and with their computers, but do not in themselves provide the User’s full name.

The User may configure his web browser so as to be notified of the admission of cookies, and may, if he so desires, prevent cookies from being installed on his hard disk. Notwithstanding the above, the installation of cookies shall not be a compulsory condition for gaining access to the BODEGAS PINORD SA website.


Certain contents of the BODEGAS PINORD SA website lead to the possibility of establishing a contract through the Internet. Their use requires the reading and obligatory acceptance of the general conditions for establishing contracts prepared by BODEGAS PINORD SA for this purpose.


The intellectual and industrial property rights arising from the texts, images and the means and methods of presentation and composition of the website’s pages belong, in its own right or as a licence-holder, to BODEGAS PINORD SA. They are therefore creations that are protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal code, and are covered by both Spanish and European Union regulations in this field and by any international treaties concerning this subject of which Spain is a signatory.

All rights are reserved. In accordance with the Spanish Law concerning Intellectual Property, the reproduction, distribution, public communication and use, partial or total, of the contents of BODEGAS PINORD SA’s website pages, without the explicit consent of BODEGAS PINORD SA, is expressly prohibited.


BODEGAS PINORD SA reserves the option of bringing any civil or criminal lawsuits that it may find appropriate as a result of the unauthorized use of its website pages and contents or of a failure to comply with the above conditions.

The relationship between the User and BODEGAS PINORD SA shall be governed by the Spanish legislation currently in force, and disagreement that may arise between the User and BODEGAS PINORD SA, shall be placed under the jurisdiction of the Courts of the municipality of Barcelona.


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