Clos 15 Crianza

Pinord - D.O. Penedès





Slowly fermented in stainless steel vats with a maceration period of around 15 days. The resulting wine is then aged in oak for a further 10 months before bottling and aged for a year in bottle to round off its tannins.

Recommended Serving Temperature 18ºC


Clear and deep red in colour with flecks of ochre.


Intense spice and barrel flavours stand out. If we swirl the glass, more fruity aromas appear which are typical of the Tempranillo variety coupled with fruits of the forest.


Smooth on the palate with moderate ageing. It shows good balance between the oak and the wine which is still very fresh. Touches of cedar and oak appear as time goes by.

Tech. specs
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Density = 0.993
Alcohol Content = 12.36% vol.
Total Acidity = 3.30 gr/l
Total Volatile Acidity = 0.73 gr/l
Free Sulphur Dioxide = 37 mg/l
Total Sulphur Dioxide = 74 mg/l
Reducing Sugars = 3.7 gr/l


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