Mas Blanc

D.O.Q Priorat

The vineyard

In the heart of D.O.Q. Priorat (wine appellation), between the villages of Bellmunt and Falset, Pinord makes its wines from the grapes grown on the 18 hectares (44 acres) of vineyard of their Mas Blanc property.

Due to its special location, the Mas Blanc property has been caringly transformed by building various kilometres of vine terraces and by planting, cultivating and looking after the traditional grape varieties of Grenache and Carignan (Garnatxa and Carinyena as they are known locally) as well as introducing new varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Thus, a wild space has been turned into a model vineyard, with steeply sloping terraces which mean that virtually all vineyard work must be done by hand.

Pinord has pledged to make quality wines here whilst maintaining a close relationship with more traditional grape growing techniques. From the beginning, the vineyards have been organic, using only permitted natural products on the land. All chemical products such as herbicides and pesticides are avoided.

Pinord has firmly adopted Biodynamic Farming techniques in their Mas Blanc vineyard. They believe that by following their own winemaking practices and by attempting to maintain a balance with the land, they will be leaving it a better place for future generations.


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