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Biodynamic farming

During the twentieth century, technology, science and humanity evolved at an alarming pace. More knowledge, better productivity and great advances in the world of agriculture were the result of this evolution.

During this period, we have attained unimaginable achievements, which only a few years earlier we would have thought to be impossible. But in return, we have lost a great deal of our contact with Mother Earth, with our traditions and with our ancestral knowledge.

Biodynamics is an agricultural technique that stems from the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, which seeks to reconnect farming with the dynamic force of the earth, the lunar cycles and the elements. This is something, which our ancestors were aware of, because they followed the lunar calendar for carrying out any work related to their natural environment.

It goes one step beyond organic farming. Biodynamics not only prevents fertilizers and chemical plant protection treatments, but it also recalls the ancient wisdom of respecting natural cycles in order to achieve healthier products, free from any toxins. The authentic aromas and flavours of each soil and ecosystem are rediscovered. All this helps to develop a product which is related to a specific area of land by maintaining the use of wild yeasts indigenous to the area.

And today, after several years of harvesting vines and making wine true to this philosophy, Pinord is fully satisfied with the wines produced here. These wines provide the public with some unique experiences. These wines are both natural and true to the region. They transmit, unlike the great majority of wines these days, the identity of the soil and the place where they have been made.

In 2007, Pinord was the first Spanish winery to achieve the Demeter certificate. This international non-profit organization ensures compliance with the standards of production and development of biodynamic agriculture.


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