Gran Logrado Cosecha

D.O.Ca. Rioja - D.O.Ca Rioja




We produce this wine by the traditional method of these lands, maceration and fermentation take place gradually and progressively controlled temperature which does not exceed 28º C at any point, to extract the unique character of the varieties that constitute it, and after thirteen or fourteen days proceed to bleeding and pressed.

Temperature of service 18º


This is a clean and bright wine, with abundant tears and high color layer. Garnet color with purple piping in the vicinity of the meniscus of the glass.


In the nose keeps the primary aromas: ripe fruit and a slight character of licorice and fennel, wrapped in a floral hue, herbal and smoky, with notes of compote of ripe fruit.


In the palate is a fresh and warm wine, for his youth, but with volume. In retronasal way we apreciate aromas of ripe fruit, liquorice and fennel. The aftertaste is long, as this type of wine must leave the mouth fresh and clean, to get another drink.

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