Gran Logrado Crianza

D.O.Ca. Rioja - D.O.Ca Rioja




This wine is made with grapes from the northernmost part of the Rioja. Grapes are fermented at 30º C and macerate for a period of thirty days. With daily and prolonged pumping. Then, this wine is aged for 480 days in American oak barrels and, after a necessary and adequate rest, was bottled to finish ripen.

Temperature of service 18º


This is a clean and bright wine with middle-high color layer. It has a ruby red color, with some slight nuances of tiles.


In the nose has elegant tertiary aromas: with intense shades of smoked and cinnamon, licorice and dried fruits, with enveloping and honeyed scents of caramel and spices. Ending with a very soothing feeling.


In the palate is a light wine in the attack, and velvety in the step for mouth, and with a balanced and silky structure. Retronasally toasted toffee and mocha flavors are appreciated. It is a wine with an aftertaste very envelope and pleasant, with a good acid and tannic sensation on the tongue.

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