La Nansa White

Sparkling Wines




The grapes are sorted, pressed and fermented. A second fermentation is carried out which results in fine bubbles in the wine.

Recommended Serving Temperature: 6ºC

Food and Wine pairing

Rice fish, Mixed rice, Crustaceans, Rice salads, Pasta salads, Seafood sauce, Molluscan shell, Pasta with tomato sauce, Pasta with marinara sauce, Whitefish, Fish with sauce, Pizza


Clear and crystalline, pale yellow in colour, with greenish tones. Fine bubbles are given off and rise to the surface to form a slight crown.


Intense fruity aromas dominated by green banana, apple and apricot. The influence of the Chardonnay grape helps to give it an elegant perfume.


A fresh, fine palate in which the different fruit continue to stand out, yet harmoniously integrated. Its very fine bubbles make it attractive and refreshing, with sufficient body and a long aftertaste to leave an extremely balanced final sensation.

awards Tech. specs
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Density = 0.9943
Alcohol Content = 10.65%
Total Acidity = 5.6 g/l
Total Volatile Acidity = 0.25 g/l
Free Sulphur Dioxide = 20 mg/l
Total Sulphur Dioxide = 80 mg/l
Reducing Sugars = 8.3 g/l
Pressure at 20ºC = 2 bar


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