Diorama Grenache White

Diorama Terra Alta - D.O. Terra alta


Garnacha White


Wine made within the Terra Alta wine appellation (D.O. Terra Alta) from organic vineyards. Once the grapes are picked, they are taken to the winery where they are quickly pressed to extract the must. The must is fermented at low temperatures for for about three weeks to extract and preserve the varietal expression. Then we make a transfer, but retain the finest wine lees own, for 2 months for soft battonages, for greater presence on the palate, finishing perform filtration and stabilization before bottling.

Recommended Serving Temperature : 10ºC

Food and Wine pairing

Rice fish, Mixed rice, Oriental rice, Chocolate, Crustaceans, Rice salads, Pasta salads, Molluscan shell, Pasta with marinara sauce, Whitefish, Fish light, Pizza, Processed cheese


Bright clean pale tones with touches of yellow and grey.


Intense fruity aromas of banana and apple, but also citric fruit and dried fruit and nuts which are very true to the Grenache grape variety.


This is a powerful white wine in the mouth, well structured with optimum balance between acidity and body. A very long and pleasant finish.


Tech. specs
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Density = 0.9895
Alcohol Content = 12.25% vol.
Total Acidity = 5.6 g/l
Total Volatile Acidity = 0.26 g/l
Free Sulphur Dioxide = 24 mg/l
Total Sulphur Dioxide = 75 mg/l
Reducing Sugars = 1.3 g/l


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