D.O. Montsant

For 10 years, the D.O. Montsant and its member wineries – currently numbered at 57 wineries and 44 private labels – have been faced with a great challenge: that of carving a place for themselves in the competitive and demanding world of wine. It has been tough and it still is tough. In order to face this ongoing challenge, we know must remain true to a certain way of thinking. And in the Montsant winemaking region with 1,900 hectares of vineyard and a global production of 5 million bottles, we are true to high standards of quality and we firmly believe in our unique product.

The nucleus of this difference is centred on the local grape varieties: Grenache and Carignan, grown on Montsant soils, influenced by its climate and blended with recently introduced grape varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot…) all helping to make excellent wines. In this pursuit of excellence, the role played by winemakers and wineries is of utmost importance. The D.O.Montsant wine appellation stands out for its production, well shared out between large wine co-operatives and small family-run wineries alike. It is also known for its dedicated young winemakers, trained locally as well as for the European winemakers who have recently arrived. Yet despite these dualities, big-small, native-foreign, the final result is unanimous. Praise for the quality of Montsant wines is showered on one and all.


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